7 Funk/Rock/Pop Patterns

A short video lesson just runniong thru 7 basic funk / Hip Hop groove patterns to get you warmed up for some more!!
More lessons on Funk / hip hop grooves to follow very soon!!! Sign up to my newsletter to stay updated on this!

What do you think of these patterns?
Do you want to learn more Funk gorooves?
Tell us what you think below! We want to hear from you!

One Reply to “7 Funk/Rock/Pop Patterns”

  1. Adam Korner

    Hi Heidi,
    My name is Adam Korner I work in the Little Kids Rock organization and I heard about you through a teacher in LA named Jose Vergara who had you attend one of his classes and work with the cajon and his students, I have been playing ever since!
    Thank you for peaking my interest and introducing me to this wonderful instrument. Any beats, or grooves that you may have, or any tips, I would love to get a hold of them.
    Thank you again!


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